Chapter 10 -soc

Chapter 10 -soc - Chapter 10 – Race and Ethnicity...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 10 – Race and Ethnicity Ethnicity • A shared cultural heritage that is SOCIALLY CONTRUCTED o Examples: Jewish Americans, Irish Americans, Italian Americans • Five characteristic shared by the ethnic groups o Unique cultural traits o Sense of community o Feeling of membership o Ascribed membership o Shared territorially • Race and ethnicity are only important because society defines them as important Dominant and Subordinate Groups • Dominant group- one that is advantaged and has superior resources and rights in society • Subordinate group- one whose members, because of physical or cultural characteristic, are disadvantaged and subjected to unequal treatment by the dominant group • In sociology dominant an subordinate groups are used instead of “minority” and “majority” o Calls attention to the power relationship Prejudice and Stereotypes • Prejudice- a rigid and irrational generalization about an entire category of people; a negative attitude based on faulty generalizations...
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Chapter 10 -soc - Chapter 10 – Race and Ethnicity...

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