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ANESTHETIZATION OF DROSOPHILA An anesthetization vial should be used whenever you need to anesthetize flies. Be  sure that the anesthetization vial is clean, dry and free from excessive fumes before  use.  Insert a cotton swab into the foam plug from the anesthetization vial and soak the  swab with Flynap and set it aside. Gently, but firmly, tap the culture vial on a paded surface to force all flies to the  bottom of the culture vial.  Quickly unplug the culture vial and place the anesthetization vial over the mouth of  the culture vial.  Holding the two vials together, invert them so that the culture vial is uppermost and  the anesthetization vial is on the bottom.  Once more, tap the vials on the padded surface so that the flies fall into the  anesthetization vial.  Quickly remove the culture vial and replug it; simultaneously, plug the 
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Unformatted text preview: anesthetization vial with the plug/swab assembly charged with Flynap. • Lightly tap the anesthetizing vial and turn it until the flies no longer cling to the inside surface of the vial. The flies should be anesthetized within about 45 seconds. The flies can now be transferred to a counting tray for observation under the dissecting microscope. CAUTION: Do not over anesthetize the flies. As soon s the flies cease movement immediately remove them from the anesthetizing vial. Flies that have been over anesthetized can typically be recognized since their wings and legs are extended at right angles from their body. Such flies should be considered dead and should not be selected for setting up a new culture....
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