Chomsky - Chomsky Chomsky is one of the centuries most...

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Chomsky Chomsky is one of the centuries most important figures Pavlov = “Chomsky will be to the next generation what Galileo; Descartes… has been to ours.” Early theory – language acquisition device This theory is based on childs competence (innate) not his/her performance. Language learning is not just the accumulation of utterances but also the learning of the rules and principles that govern speech patterns. Learning of these rules allows for creativity not just repetition. Children have innate-hypothesis making device -this makes complex theories of language Children also have innate/inbuilt language universals=blueprint for language Language universals are made up of 2 parts: 1) substantive universals 2) formal universals. Substantive universals = represent building blocks of language i.e. child innately knows speech sounds Formal universals = innate knowledge of the shape of grammar-this part of his theory was seen as revolutionary in its time. Children also have a set of innate phonological rules which are interlinked Rule 1) semantic rules which deal with meaning Rule 2 ) syntactic rules which deal with word arrangement Children also have an innate structure awareness . They are aware that several functions can fit the same slot and that these functions are interchangeable. Children have a dual structured system which allows for understanding of syntax (sentences) these rules are linked by transformational rules. Structure 1) surface or outer Structure 2 ) deep or inner/hidden These are linked by transformational rules- children know these 2 levels of syntax and automatically become aware of restraints in which deep
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Chomsky - Chomsky Chomsky is one of the centuries most...

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