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Unformatted text preview: First Last 820 12 th Street Boulder, CO 80302 Phone: (303) 888-2727 E-Mail: [email protected] February 5, 2008 Mr. James Keegan Broadway Realty LLC 1085 Broadway St Boulder, CO 80302 Dear Mr. Keegan, I would like to thank you for having provided me with a wonderful place to live for my first semester here in Boulder. The apartment simplified my life because of the convenient location to campus and the Hill area. Thank you for your prompt return of the security deposit but I was wondering if you could please provide me with some additional details of the specified amount that you retained. Upon signing the lease in January of 2007, my roommate and I placed a deposit equal to two months rent of $3700. We meticulously inspected the apartment upon move in and included any faults in the damage report that was returned to you. The amount of the security deposit that we received was made in the report that was returned to you....
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