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Benjamin Spring 1085 Broadway Street Boulder, CO 80302 Phone: (303) 781- 6644 Fax: (303) 781- 6655 E-Mail: [email protected] January 31, 2008 Ms. Tia Osbourne Outfitters, Inc. 1169 Willamette Street Eugene, OR 97401 Dear Ms. Osbourne: My name is Benjamin Spring and I am the manager of the local health club here in Boulder, CO but also an avid back packer. I am organizing a group of fellow backpack enthusiasts to take to Canada on a wilderness survival excursion for three weeks; however, we lack the necessary freeze-dried food products. The freeze-dried food products I have tried in the past taste bad and contain a lot of preservatives and other unnatural composition. The group of backpackers consists primarily of older affluent hikers who appreciate the natural food choices offered here in Boulder. The hikers are concerned about the nutritional value of the product. Upon the release of the new line of freeze-dried foods offered by Outfitters, Inc, I am considering using your product for our excursion and was wondering if you could
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Unformatted text preview: please provide with some of the information below: • Does the product line offer variations that will accommodate a diverse dietary need based on cholesterol, fat and salt intake? • Where is your product readily available, and at what cost are they sold? • Would you be able to send us samples of the food product before purchase a bulk amount? • What process is used to produce the freeze-dried products? What ingredients are used in this process and do you offer all-natural blends? • What is the projected lifetime of the food prouct? If you could please send any information about Outfitters new line of freeze-dried foods at the contact information listed above by the end of February, I would most appreciate it. I am available Monday-Friday, 7 AM – 6 PM MST by email or available 24 hours a day on the cell phone number above. Sincerely, Benjamin Spring...
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