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TERMS: 1996 Telecommunications Act: Lifted antitrust regulations Audience segments: Demographic and psychographic segments of the total audience Boutique agencies: Ad agencies that specialize in certain element Brand awareness: Association between brand name and certain value Clones: Shows that are extremely similar in format following a hit Clutter: Ads running together due to sheer number of ads on TV Commodity/quality audience: Audience advertisers desire (young, urban, upwardly-mobile) Conglomeration: Major corporations buying multiple media sectors Counter-program: Program against other networks that may attract a different demographic CPM: Cost-per-thousand; charging ad time by every 1000 viewers Creation of Discontent: Ad strategy that makes viewers feel there is something wrong with them (Dystopian) Cross-over: 2 shows whose plots intertwine Cut: Instant switch from one shot to another Deficit financing: Production companies accrue significant debt for first few years of a series Executive Producer: Show creator who manages production/business process Flow: Continuous viewing across programs and advertising
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  • Fall '06
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  • TV Storytelling TV, TV Commodity/quality audience, audience Franchise rights, cross-media synergies Audience

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