Mission Statements

Mission Statements - Introduction Every company you have...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction Every company you have ever heard of has a mission statement. A mission statement is a brief description of a company’s fundamental purpose. A mission statement answers the question, “Why do we exist?” I have chosen six mission statements that I am going to explain. I will go into detail on the similarities and differences between the different statements. I will also explain what audience the company is trying to reach with their mission statement. The six companies I chose are Gordon Food Services, General Motors, Blockbuster, Citicorp, Nike Inc, and The Red Cross. Gordon Food Services “Our purpose is to serve our customers with the highest quality food services products and services. We achieve this purpose through innovative systems and the spirit and integrity of our people.” GFS is the largest privately held foodservice distributor in North America with sales of $5.5 billion in 2007. Its headquarters is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It has marketplace locations in the states of Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Gordon Food Service was founded in 1897 by Issac Van Westenbrugge, a 23-year-old Dutch immigrant, and later taken over by his son-in-law Ben Gordon. It was started by Van Westenbrugge with only 300 dollars borrowed from his brother to start an egg and butter delivery service (Wikipedia). With that being said, GFS has grown tremendously over the years, and has kept a family owned type feeling to the business. They are aimed at mostly businesses and organizations, but it is completely opened to the public as well. They are very strong about customer service. Since it is privately owned, the stakeholders are the customers and the employees. As stated in the mission statement, they achieve their goals through innovative systems and the spirit and integrity of their people. They have many ways to make sure you get the products you need on time. For example, any business or organization can set up an account with GFS and have product delivered right to them. You can also go in the store and make express orders that take to a maximum of three days. I completely agree that they meet the expectations of the mission statement. General Motors “We have defined a set of six core values that guide our global business conduct. These are: • Continuous Improvement • Customer Enthusiasm • Innovation •...
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Mission Statements - Introduction Every company you have...

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