Revolver - Dorian Dreher 5/7/2008 Revolver is a film...

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Dorian Dreher 5/13/2009 Revolver is a film written and directed by a very interesting character, Guy Ritchie. He never attended film school but has been able to garner much success with several films that he has written and directed such as: Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, and Swept Away. The film Revolver was met with very mixed emotions. Some critics considered it an overzealous (and unsuccessful) attempt at being artistic or as Kabbalahist propaganda ( My interest in the movie stemmed from the little bit that I could gather of the plot which had to do with chess and the art of being a con-man and how that related to everyday life. I have a very large interest in Chess, Military Strategy, and their application to everyday life so a movie which attempted to capture the essence of these concepts on a philosophically level intrigued me. As I have been progressing through our Cinema course I have been able to see even more philosophical value and cinematic ingenuity within the movie. As Guy Ritchie said Himself in an interview with Variety Magazine, “The great challenge then was to take an intellectual concept and clothe it in an exciting, action-packed narrative because concepts are not necessarily interesting to look at. It’s important that the film delivers on an entertaining level. What you want in the cinema is entertainment but I like to be intellectually titillated while being sensorially stimulated.” (Variety) In my critical essay I will endeavor to explore the intellectual concepts and how they relate to the film and what I have learned in our course. The main character is Jake Green, he was a hustler who was wrongly imprisoned and was placed in solitary confinement between a master of cons, and a master of chess. These two individuals on either side of him were able to trade books back and forth in which they discussed the perfect game. The rules that were set in place had infinite depth 1
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Dorian Dreher 5/13/2009 and could be extrapolated to just about everything. After they gathered all the information they needed those two individuals were able to escape from prison and left Jake behind. Jake though learning about the game on a small scale, was able after leaving prison, to use what he learned from those two to amass a fortune. He intended to use the fortune to get his revenge on the person he went to prison in place of. He encounters two characters that begin conning him into giving away all his money because he believes they have the
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Revolver - Dorian Dreher 5/7/2008 Revolver is a film...

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