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Content Analysis - Content Analysis: Introduction and...

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Content Analysis: Introduction and Sample Dorian Dreher Sociology 10 7:30-9:30 T/Th 10/18/07
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Introduction Initially, I had begun this project without knowledge of what I was looking for. I sorted through hundreds of magazines looking for a something that would occur to me so I could write something fresh and new. I decided to take advantage of what we learned in lecture regarding the indoctrination that women undergo as far as advertising, and use a parallel topic. Men, though perhaps not as pervasive, undergo similar advertising indoctrination. Through my paper I will endeavor to establish the parallels between advertising for both sexes and how they warp the reality of how men and women interact with one another. Welcome to the 21 st century and what is known as the digital age. It is difficult to go long without being bombarded with a hoard of images that provoke, hint, nudge, and outright shock our sensibilities. We are constantly being tested regarding what we believe through advertising, entertainment and marketing. It occurs so often that it is assumed
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Content Analysis - Content Analysis: Introduction and...

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