Art History syllabus - Art His 42C Arts of Japan Winter 2016(MWF 11:00-11:50 AM HIB100 UCI J Wolfgram Office HG 2043 email [email protected] Office Hours

Art History syllabus - Art His 42C Arts of Japan Winter...

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Wolfgram Wi16 Syllabus UCI 42C/ 1 Art His 42C: Arts of Japan UCI Winter 2016 (MWF 11:00-11:50 AM HIB100) J. Wolfgram Office: HG 2043, email: [email protected] Office Hours: Wednesday and Friday 10:00-11:00 AM and by appointment ArtHis 42C Course Website: Emergency Preparedness : Assembly Area—Grass area on corner of West Peltason COURSE DESCRIPTION Catalog : ART HIS 42C. History of Asian Art: Arts of Japan. 4 Units. Examines compelling images and objects of spirit and power created in Japan over many centuries. Themes include Buddhist icons, narrative illustration, popular prints, architecture, manga, and the avant-garde. Japanese interactions with Korean, Chinese, and European culture are emphasized. (IV, VIII). Schedule of Classes : Art His 42C ARTS OF JAPAN Code 21070 Type Lec Sec A Units 4 Time MWF 11:00-11:50 Place HIB100 Final Fri, Mar 18, 8:00-10:00am . Part of the year-long series “History of Asian Art,” this class will focus on the major traditions – “an inherited pattern of thought or action” -- that dominate Japanese art, all the while covering significant issues of art history, including methodology. The “patterns” will be determined by the art monuments but must also be understood in terms of the underlying philosophy, religion, history and aesthetics of Japanese culture. This course fulfills General Education Requirements IV (Arts and Humanities) and VIII (International/ Global Issues). No prerequisites . The School of Humanities follows the university's deadlines on adding and dropping courses. A student may drop a course only during the first two weeks of the quarter and may add a course only during the first three weeks. Students are responsible for making sure they meet all deadlines. An exception to these policies may be requested only for extenuating and documented circumstances outside the student's control.” See UCI School of Humanities Add/Drop Policy .” January 15 is the last day to drop . Course Exit Standards/Student Learning Outcomes : You will acquire a general understanding of the visual cultures of Japan by identifying major works of art within cultural/geographical and period styles, by analyzing developments of artistic traditions using formal, iconographical, and stylistic methods, and by signifying art within a framework of human experience. You will also develop critical/conceptual thinking skills to visually analyze works of art and to evaluate methodology of academic arguments. Writing skills will be honed to evidence learning outcomes through assigned essays and in-class exams. The course will consist of lectures following the given schedule. The schedule is tentative and dependent upon class discussion. You are required to keep up with the appropriate lecture and its reading assignments. You will have access to