notes 3.10.03

notes 3.10.03 - 3/10/03 Chomsky Innateness of human...

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3/10/03 Chomsky Innateness of human language is represented in human species in genes, such as walking upright, drinking, etc. This is activated by a genetic program. There is a U.G., or Universal grammar. There are two basic properties of language. There is formative language, and substantive language. Rules are structure dependent: The man who is inviting us is paying the bill. Can make a question out of that: Is the man who is inviting us paying the bill? There are structural rules, and shown by a structural tree. The rules are dependent on the structure, or STRUCTURAL DEPENDENT. That is a formative universal. The substantive rules mean that there is a distinction between noun and verb that is universal. There is also a subjancency constraint, which means that there are constraints on how far you can move a “WH” word and still have the sentence make sense. The reason that all languages have these properties is that they are innately represented. Language acquisition also plays a major role in innateness hypothesis. Across all cultures, children seem to acquire languages at the same rate, just as they acquire the ability to walk at the same rate. The amount of data children are exposed to in the first 2 years is NOT ENOUGH for the rate and rapidity of language acquisition. Chomsky argues that children can do this because they have an innate preprogramming. The Learnability Problem: If there are X amount of sentences (nearly an infinite
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notes 3.10.03 - 3/10/03 Chomsky Innateness of human...

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