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Reaction Paper #3

Reaction Paper #3 - Sarah Levy SWMS 301 Reaction Paper#3...

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Sarah Levy 4/4/04 SWMS 301 Reaction Paper #3: Pornography The first time I walked into Hustler’s on Sunset Blvd., I was surprised by the amount of violence-oriented sex toys. There were extra-long red nails for better gripping, handcuffs, harnesses, whips, chains, pokers, and even a special on “anal cap guns.” Pictures of spread-eagle women adorned most of the packages. Sometimes there were pictures of men, but they were never in submissive positions. If anti-pornography feminists really want to control “smut,” do they want to prohibit the sale of violently-explicit sex toys too? Are they planning on taking on the entire sex industry, including Hugh Hefner and relatively unregulated internet porn? How would the new laws they propose affect one of the most profitable industries in the world? I hate to be a capitalist. But the business side of the pornography industry must be taken into account. Anti-pornography feminists are making the same mistake that the music industry is making: they are trying to control an uncontrollable industry. If laws are enacted to
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