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Reaction Paper #1
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Sarah Levy 1/20/04 SWMS 301m Reaction Paper #1 I didn’t expect to be emotionally moved after the first day of class. I thought that the semester as a whole would have an impact on me—it’s why I took the class to begin with. But something happened the Wednesday after class, January 14, 2004. I don’t really know what it was, but I’m going to call it a Liberation. I was at my apartment, lying on my bed, reading bell hooks. Much of it was having an impact on me; I was struggling to keep my emotions in check. Over the past couple of days, I had been dealing with questions about my rights as a person: not as a woman, but as a person. Do I have the right to feel like I am a person? Do I have the right to tell people what’s on my mind, even if they get offended? Finally, what is the role of sensations—sight, smell, touch, taste, sound—in my rights as a person? Then, I came to the passage: Today’s fashion magazines may carry an article about the dangers of anorexia while bombarding its readers with images of emaciated young
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