Physicist - The Physicist's Prologue I shall impart a tale...

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The Physicist’s Prologue I shall impart a tale first With words of wisdom, unrehearsed; Yet still governed by the laws that reign In a universe of formula chained. My work is such a discipline That needs not the schemes of a Faithful’s spin, But relies instead on a proven verity: Mathematics differs quack from clarity. A simple notion to comprehend— Equations lead to real ends— Cannot be grasped by tiresome fools Who know little more than their thoughts from their stools, Yet question theses of erudite scholars. If the Son of God was no denser than water Then prove it, I cry; Confirm, not once, but multiple times With more than one pair of unbiased eyes That a mortal man as such did exist, And stomped upon water through God’s heavenly kiss. You must show beyond the scope of err That oxygens t’wix their hydrogen pairs Could hold a Man five feet in the air Without scripture as raft, or salt as prayer. How, you say? You beg of me? If your hallowed, ancient history Must be acknowledged by faith, and nothing more? An idea begins the simple series Of complex proofs and minor theories Which, weathered by the faults of time, Will bend your caustic paradigm To reveal a shrouded Platonic threat: The Truth has not been discovered—yet. Nevertheless, I must concede To one gaping flaw in my story’s lead: The Truth is only enduringly Real Until a better Truth has been revealed. If I may use, for example, the notorious case— Creationism’s fall from grace— When Rosalind Franklin, Watson and Crick Poked holes in its transcen-physical consecrated mix. Ah, you say, but what of physics? Theory and experimentation aside, Isn’t mathematics at least bona fide? We shall never know what could have been Without the input of the ancient men
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Who through the pain and strife they wrought Molded all our current thought. But what would have happened, you insist, If the male species did not exist? Those points said, let me begin
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Physicist - The Physicist's Prologue I shall impart a tale...

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