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Final essay guide - "Tis strange-but true for truth is...

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“Tis strange—but true; for truth is always strange, Stranger than fiction.” Byron, Don Juan It is the sacredness of these stories that makes them timeless. Or perhaps it is their timelessness that makes them sacred. “Truth” to these writers is sought out through fiction, and fiction found in imagination. Parables Genesis: The essence of myth-making stems from the Bible. In Bible, clarity (eliminate ambiguity) and consistency (not contradiction) are not high priorities. These are the two concepts we use to verify truth. Tone of Bible is unashamed. Genesis 2 is repeat of Genesis 1, except with certain notable differences. Makes humanity twice. Second one, uses adam’s rib to make eve. In first genesis, merely says “God created them.” Oral tradition. More important criterion for seeking truth is sacredness. You cannot fix the sacred. Tendency to tread softly. In fact, sometimes more than one story may be included because of sacredness. In the Bible, reality and fiction In Tales of Jacob, author Thomas Mann explains the biblical mind in rational terms. He uses three main concepts: Time, story, and contrasting events. Mann proves that people in biblical times did not think about times as moving in a linear progression as we do today, but rather in a cyclical fashion. Seasons come and seasons go, times of good make way to times of bad, and back again. Although it does progress, the progress in a linear fashion is of secondary importance when compared to the cyclical nature of time. On pg 18, Mann claims that if you can’t tell whether something is past or future, then it has the burden of the potential present. If
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Final essay guide - "Tis strange-but true for truth is...

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