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Notes 10.19 - 10/19/04 Set the midterm and final side by...

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10/19/04 Set the midterm and final side by side and compare them. The same relationship will be used on the final. Next Tuesday, there is no class. Quiz on Thursday. Prophecy and prophets. Look at book of Amos in preparation for looking at Book of Jonah. Look at prophetic literature we call latter prophets. Court history is part of former prophets. Important to have basic understanding of nature of biblical prophesy to understand unusual form of prophesy in Book of Johan, to Melville’s use of unconventional prophecy. Prophet: Hebrew word for prophet is Nabi’ (pronounced navi). More useful is the greek equivalent, prophetes, a greek compound word that one could divide into pro- and – phetes. Phetes = speaking. Pro has two meanings. Prophetes could mean to speak before, chronologically speaking (implying someone who can see in to the future), or to speak before, as in before an audience. Emphasizes biblical sense of prophet navi, because navi is someone designated by God to deliver a message to a group of people. Prophets deliver messages from God. In former prophets, this message can be delivered showing God’s hand in the past. You are reading something that has happened in the past presented as a message from God. Faulkner is trying to explain current situation as events that occurred in the past that have an ongoing impact on the present and the future. Prophet can also speak about events that have yet to come. According to Deuteronomy, two things that can make someone a prophet: 1. Must speak in name of Lord. 2.
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Notes 10.19 - 10/19/04 Set the midterm and final side by...

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