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REL 311 Final Study Guide - REL 311 Final Study Guide What...

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REL 311 Final Study Guide What it is, what it means, where it comes from, connect it to course. Criteria for idents: For quotes, be very clear in answer to state where it comes from and if someone authored it. If you see a word in another language and involved in ident, you should specify what language and any issues regarding origins (para- bole). Balo to cast. But make sure you answer the question. Number them 1-10. Identify the following: Mashal/Parabole: Book of Mark, Book of Matthew. Ecclesiastes. How you procure knowledge. “Mashal” is the Hebrew word for proverb. The greek word is “parabole”, which we derive from the term “parabol”. It is a compound word. Para = Beside, and balo= to throw. Literally, the word means “something thrown beside.” The essence of biblical wisdom, of high biblical narrative, is the challenge of figuring something out. Things are only told to us indirectly, and its up to us to make a connection. Proverbs come in two parts, and the reader must make the connection between the two. Wisdom comes through riddles. Ecc and Proverbs next to each other is a big Mashal. PARA- BOLE. Cast beside, thrown beside. Other term is parabola. You have a focal point. Parabolic graph graphs a line where there’s a relationship between the focal point and the line. A parable is something that comes in on a parabolic orbit, wraps around, and goes off the other side. A parable is like a comet. As it gets closer and closer to the sun, it begins to glow, takes on the aura of the sun. That’s like what a parable is to meaning, truth. The closer it gets to truth, the more it seems to take on aura and truth. Just when you think they’re about to become one, it wraps around and goes into outer space, and you’ve lost it. But a parable, according to the dictionary, is a teaching tool. The nature of a Jesus parable has an intended meaning. Whenever he spoke, he had specific truth he was trying to convey. But “edifying tale” is not good definition, because it can transcend what you can say about it. Leviathan: Monster depicted in Book of Job with a history in Canaanite literature. Multi- headed dragon that challenges God. Melville connected the Leviathan with the sperm whale. Moby Dick has capacity for intelligence. What is the function of Moby Dick, and of Leviathan in Job? They both are located in exactly the same place in the book. Both have a confrontation with the sea monster before their own epilogues. Ultimate symbol placed before Job’s eyes is Leviathan. Traditionally, Leviathan is enemy of God, God wins. But in the Book of Job, there is some flip-flopping. You be the hero. You be the but God has been placed in monster’s role. Job claims that God has been fighting him, and God says yes, I have been, and I am the monster. Kerygma:
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REL 311 Final Study Guide - REL 311 Final Study Guide What...

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