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2 Atoms and Atomic Structure 3 Roadmap - Week 5 Chemical Thermodynamics (4) Chemical Kinetics(4) Chemical Equilibria (4) Gases & Intermolecular Bonding (2) Valency, Lewis Structures & VSEPR (2) Molecular Orbital Theory (2) Structure of the Atom (2) Understanding the Periodic Table (2) Valence Bond Theory (2) Homonuclear Covalent Bonds 4 Learning Objectives Discuss the principles of Molecular Orbital (MO) theory Identify MO s that are or , bonding or antibonding Construct Molecular Orbital diagrams for homonuclear diatomics H 2 - Ne 2 and write their electronic configurations Calculate bond orders, and relate them qualitatively to bond lengths and bond enthalpies Recognise why MO Theory is a superior model to VB Theory.
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