Butler.notes - Judith Butler Imitation and Gender...

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Unformatted text preview: Judith Butler: Imitation and Gender Insubordination To Theorize as a Lesbian • Identity categories tend to be instruments of regulatory regimes – • She is troubled by identity categories because she considers them to be invariable stumbling blocks • Being in “out of the closet” always depends to some extent on being “in” • Coming out of the closet only produces a new opacity and the closet only produces the promise of a disclosure that can never come • Lesbians and gays are seen as bad copies of heterosexuality • The political problem is not the establish the specificity of lesbian sexuality over and against its derivativeness, but to turn the homophobic construction of the bad copy against the framework that privileges heterosexuality as the origin On the Being of Gayness as Necessary Drag • When Butler claims that she will go to a conference and be a lesbian she questions how she can both “be” a lesbian at the current time and endeavor “to be” one at the same time. o Where does her lesbian come into play • Repetition of constantly stating and establishing your sexuality will make the very category it constitutes instable •...
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Butler.notes - Judith Butler Imitation and Gender...

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