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Gender study guide - social mobility race desiring money and stability as well as luxury goods Bones-give life structure Symbolizes a generational

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Summary on Bone Background: 1943- Magnuson Act during WWII granted citizenship in order to recruit soldiers and increase labor power. 1965-immigration act was lifted Pre WWII – bachelor society post WWII- family society The book centers around one character, Leila, and her family. The three sisters try to climb their way out of the traditional rut that their parents feel they are destined for. The book addresses the conflict between now and then through the struggles that Leila and her mother go through. Leila has grown up in a modern, more gender egalitarian society than her mother. She has her own job, has a steady boyfriend for love not for survival, and has her own independent way of doing things. Themes: The American Dream and what it stands for- success, money, family, children, property, gender equality, respect. Chinese failure of having three daughters. Gender fantasy- women want economic independence and to provide for themselves. Choose a mate for love vs. choosing a mate for stability and survival. Men being stuck in the upward
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Unformatted text preview: social mobility race, desiring money and stability as well as luxury goods. Bones-give life structure. Symbolizes a generational separation and understanding. Mah and the bones she eats giving her daughters the meat and also Leong’s bones when Leon goes on a quest to find his grave. Leong’s bones represent the fate of being out of place in a foreign society. Tie to the old country. Characters: Leila-eldest daughter Lyman Fu- Father of Leila Ona- middle daughter Mason-Boyfriend of Leila Nina- youngest daugter; lives in NY Leon-father of Ona and Nina Mah- mother Leong- let Leon borrow his identity create fake papers. His sponsor. Sewing Circle (old ladies)- work Tommie’s shop Tommie Hom- owner of shop where Mah works when she’s younger; affair with Mah Luc Ong- business partner with Leon Osvaldo-falls in love with Ona; forbidden relationship. Son of Luc Ong....
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