Language Policies[FINAL]

Language Policies[FINAL] - Tatsumi 1 Otto Tatsumi Professor...

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Tatsumi Otto Tatsumi Professor Linda M Bland-Stewart Ph.D. SPHR 72 October 30th 2007 Language Policies in the US A wide range of language policies have been employed to control diversity in America. In the past, policies were put fourth to restrict foreign dialects. In recent years, they have been installed to promote language diversification and open communication. Effective or not, all of these guidelines controlled most of the population: they assimilated when unity was lacking and they diversified when uniformity was overwhelming. For the first two centuries the "policy system" seemed to work quite generously. This was about to change. The fail-safe system was proving to be ineffective against LEP individuals and against African-American communities. All of a sudden, language outcasts had nowhere to turn for language classification and equal language expression. African-Americans are often times criticized and stereotyped by the way they communicate. They were thought negatively because of their peculiar dialect different from that of Standard English dialect. Often times their sentence structures were interchanged and mixed. As a result, outsiders viewed Ebonics as inferior and out-of-
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Language Policies[FINAL] - Tatsumi 1 Otto Tatsumi Professor...

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