Linguistic Diversity

Linguistic Diversity - Tatsumi 1 Otto Tatsumi Professor...

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Tatsumi Otto Tatsumi Professor Linda Bland-Stewart Ph.D. SPHR 72 October 24th 2007 Linguistic Diversity A functional economy and colorful diversity do not go well together. With diversity comes diminished productivity and with economy comes diminished value placed on the individual: the two cannot co-exist in todays day and age. Yet somehow in America, this principle falls completely. In recent years, immigration rates have been surging due to Mexico and other poorer nations. Because of our economic superiority, immigrants wish to make a living in the US. Their desire in turn fuel for more economic dominance because they bring in more diversity. Linguistic diversity and economy go hand in hand here. Much like the colonial days, bilingual education is being favored across the board to promote linguistic diversity. Children of Hispanic, Asian, and European decent have the opportunity of going to bilingual schools to get reacquainted with their native languages. Much like the mother tongue schools that use to teach their ancestors, these bilingual schools teach modern day immigrants how to speak their native languages
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Linguistic Diversity - Tatsumi 1 Otto Tatsumi Professor...

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