ANSWERS contraceptive worksheet

ANSWERS contraceptive worksheet - Worksheet Contraception...

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Worksheet: Contraception, Infertility IB 140 Tuesday, April 22 nd , 2008 Name: ___ ANSWER KEY ____ Contraceptive Mechanisms 1. 55 % of births by unmarried women and 30 % of births by married women were unintended pregnancies. 2. Combination birth control pill is the most common form of contraception for never- married women and Sterilization is the most common form of contraceptive for married couples. a. How does each form of contraceptive (above) prevent pregnancy? What is the mechanism? Method (1): Combination birth control pill mechanism: Progesterone levels mimic luteal phase, causing negative feedback of GnRH. Ovulation does not occur. Cervical mucous thickens, inhibiting sperm transport, and endometrial changes inhibit implantation. Method (2): Sterilization mechanism: Oviducts or Vas deferens are cut and tied off, inhibiting the fertilization of the oocyte by sperm. In females, eggs continue to be released, although they never reach the uterus. Ovaries remain unaffected, so normal hormonal cycles continue to occur, including menstruation and ovulation. b. Are these forms reversible? Do they protect against STIs? What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks? Yes, both forms can be reversible, although female sterilization has a reversal rate of 50%, and combination birth control pills have a near-100% reversal rate. Women who choose sterilization generally do not want to have any additional children. Benefits of oral contraceptives: reduced risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer, easily reversible, reduced PMS symptoms, regular cycles, clearer skin, accessible. Drawbacks: may be increased risk of breast cancer, clotting, possible weight gain, mood changes, breast tenderness. Benefits of sterilization: near 100% efficacy, no hormonal changes, one-time procedure. Drawbacks: May not be reversible, invasive procedure. 3. What is the difference between the combination birth control pill and the minipill? What are some reasons that might make a woman choose to use one over another? Minipill is progesterone only. It is not as effective as the combo pill, mostly due the fact that you must take it precisely on-time every day. A woman who is concerned about estrogen- related side effects such as breast cancer, moodiness, etc. may choose the minipill. Women who feel very strongly about not becoming pregnant may prefer the combo pill.
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4. Rate the following contraceptive methods from best
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ANSWERS contraceptive worksheet - Worksheet Contraception...

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