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Lessons from the Intersexed Suzanne J. Kessler Chapters 1-3 Introduction Alex cases Case -boy (who was a twin) loses his penis during surgery, surgeons believed that boy would not be able to have normal male identity so reassigned him to female gender John Money (sexologist) theory – Socialization Rules Conservative Assumptions in Money’s argument 1. genitals are naturally dimorphic 2. genitals that blur the dimorphism belonging to the occasional intersexed person can be surgically altered 3. Gender is necessarily dichotomous (even if socially constructed) because genitals are naturally dimorphic 4. dimorphic genitals are the essential markers of dichotomous gender 5. physicians and psychologists have legitimate authority to define the relationship between gender and genitals book will answer (these can all possibly be questions asked on the final) 1. How dimorphic are genitals? 2.
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