Potato manifesto

Potato manifesto - Sarah Levy 1/30/05 GS210 It's Not the...

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Sarah Levy 1/30/05 GS210 It’s Not the Potato, Stupid Dear Mr. President George W. Bush, Mr. Prime Minister Tony Blair, Mr. Prime Minister Jacque Chirac, Mr. Prime Minister Horst Koehler, the People of the British Commonwealth, Mr. President Field Marshall Umar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Hoseini-Khamenei, The People of the Federal Republic of Germany, all those alive under the rule of the United Soviet Socialist Republic, Mr. Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, Canada, The People’s Republic of China, The makers of Volkswagen, anyone west of the Atlantic Ocean, Missouri, Angola, my dear little brother, James, and the World: There has been much discourse in radical communities about addressing the roots of societal problems. Indeed, these organizations and movements seek revolution rather than moderate social change. Revolutionaries and intellectuals squabble over the various roots they deem the bane of human existence, pushing papers and scholarly theses at one another until the social sciences have been disregarded by disgusted laypeople who do not understand its hyperbolic language. And round and round they go, whining to one another, their elitism and egoistic insistence obscuring the most obvious observation of all: they are not speaking to the people. Despite these distractions, you, as well as I know, that all societal ills can be
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Potato manifesto - Sarah Levy 1/30/05 GS210 It's Not the...

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