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SWMS essay 3 - Sarah Levy March 21, 2005 SWMS 210-Rachel...

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Sarah Levy March 21, 2005 SWMS 210—Rachel Essay Question 2—Flashdance Weld Metal, not Dancing Shoes In The Full Monty , five working-class men form an erotic dancing group called “Hot Metal” after losing their industrial jobs. In one scene, the group gathers in an office to watch footage of Flashdance , a film about a female welder/erotic dancer who aspires to join a ballet conservatory to help her escape working class life. A position in a ballet conservatory would grant her respectability, more money, and perhaps a legitimate position as a member of the middle class. On the surface, the men appear as they want to dance like the main character Alex so they, too, can rise to the middle class. However, the men’s over-eagerness to perform what is portrayed as a distinctly “feminine” act shows that dancing is exactly not what the men want to do. Director Peter Cattaneo uses situational irony as a literary device to show that the members of the “Hot Metal” group do not aspire to be middle-class dancers at all, but in actuality would like to reclaim their working class jobs, and the masculinity they have lost. First, the men’s choice of dancing as a source of income is demonstrated to be a desperate, illegitimate act when the men steal the Flashdance video from a local supermarket. The men did not buy the video legally, but stole it. Any action the men take
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SWMS essay 3 - Sarah Levy March 21, 2005 SWMS 210-Rachel...

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