swms final review

swms final review - "In a Word" Interview Ellen...

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“In a Word” Interview Ellen Rooney interviews Gayatri Spivak Summary of questions and answers for pp.356-362: Rooney asks: How can we determine when our essentializing strategies have become traps, as opposed to having strategic and necessary positive effects? Spivak responds: “Strategy works through a persistent (de)constructive critique of the theoretical. “Strategy” is an embattled concept-metaphor and unlike “theory,” its antecedents are no disinterested and universal….The critical moment does not come only at a certain stage when one sees one’s effort succeeding. It is not only in that moment of euphoria that we begin to decide that we had been strategic all along. The strategic use of an essence as a mobilizing slogan or masterword like woman or worker or the name of a nation is, ideally, self-conscious for all mobilized. This is the impossible risk of lasting strategy….Given the collaboration between techniques of knowledge and structures of enablement, better I think to look for the bigger problem: that strategies are taught as if they were theories, good for all cases.” Rooney: What’s reasserted then is actually the need for a kind of naivete in the assertion of personal identity? Spivak: Identity is a very different word from essence….Deconstruction, whatever it may be, is not most valuably an exposure of error, certainly not other people’s error, other people’s essentialism. The most serious critique in deconstruction is the critique of things that are extremely useful, things without which we cannot live on, take chances; like our running self- identikit. That should be the approach to how we are essentialists….The critique of essentialism should not be seen as being critical in the colloquial, Anglo-American sense of being adversely inclined, but as a critique in the robust European philosophical sense. Rooney:
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swms final review - "In a Word" Interview Ellen...

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