Hamlet's Insanity - Prosecuting Case

Hamlet's Insanity - Prosecuting Case - Hamlet's Insanity...

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Hamlet’s Insanity vs. Murder of Polonius Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. We have been faced with an intriguing case here in this courthouse dealing with the accused client Hamlet of Denmark and the family of Polonius. As you may all know, I am the prosecuting attorney, given the power to supply enough information and evidence for the jury to decide on Hamlet’s sentencing. This is a very serious crime; I truly believe Hamlet of Denmark was sane and rational at the time when he murdered Polonius. To understand how Hamlet’s “madness” was first brought into question, I will state a broad outline of the events that occurred prior to the brutal murder of the deceased Polonius. The ghost of Hamlet’s father visited Hamlet’s friends one night; later on, Hamlet confronted the ghost and this astral being informed him that his death two months prior was a “foul and most unnatural murder.” This statement was said by Hamlet himself when he was called up to testify yesterday in this courthouse. It was King Hamlet’s brother Claudius, having an adulterous affair with his wife Gertrude, who had killed the king by pouring poison in his ear. At this point, Hamlet vows revenge and he informs his close friends that he will feign madness in his vengeful quest. Now, this statement was confessed by Horatio just a few hours ago in front of the jury. I’ve found that there is a distinct division of opinion amongst the other individuals involved in the case regarding Hamlet’s sanity, and the split is along gender lines. Gertrude and Ophelia, Hamlet’s mother and the late Polonius’ daughter, both state that Hamlet is “mad”; Ophelia reports his disrespect to her father and the Queen is unable to see or hear her son’s final exchange with the ghost of her husband. Hamlet’s violent outbursts toward his mother are more out of jealousy, than insanity. He didn’t have time to be with her alone to mourn the death of his father. She was wooed by King Hamlet’s brother and married rather quickly. Although his mother would think him mad when Hamlet is the only one who sees the ghost in her bedroom, we cannot forget that the spirit appeared before three guards as well. Keep in mind, Hamlet sees and speaks with a ghost, but the rational Horatio does the same. Now, I’m not saying that Hamlet was being delusional, because I am one that believes in poltergeists and am not against the thought of appearances and sightings here and there. This isn’t something ordinary, to see ghosts, but if it is considered an irrational trait – then most people, including maybe even a couple of you members of the jury, should be committed to an insane asylum. The males revolving around Hamlet’s life at this time, on the other hand, see with
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Hamlet's Insanity - Prosecuting Case - Hamlet's Insanity...

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