Second Life V. Warcraft

Second Life V. Warcraft - Will Millar Video Game Narratives...

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Will Millar Video Game Narratives The game I chose to compare to Second Life was the World of Warcraft, or simply Warcraft. This is because although they seem to be polar opposites in some respects, they have some very core similarities that they revolve around. Warcraft is a fantasy game, set in a medieval world loosely based off of The Lord of the Rings book series, though this setting seems little more than flavor for the players. While interacting with actual players it seems less like a role playing game, and more like just a video game, because both the story and every visual aspect of what their characters are doing and where they are is provided by the game. In Second Life, many people take part in similar role playing games, the most popular being a Warcraft like fantasy world, a super hero role play setting, or a post apocalyptic future. Though they create ways to do “damage” to one another and keep track of their health, and can add “animations” to their characters to make them appear as if they were firing a gun, or swinging a sword, the players do not rely on this to portray their actions. Players will describe in chat what their avatar is doing, usually in long, incredibly descriptive paragraphs that border on artistic. It is because Second Life has provided them with so little visually that the use their imagination to truly “get into character” and this attitude is reflected in Second Life’s simple but effective architecture. “Signs in Las Vegas use mixed media-words, pictures, and sculpture-to persuade and inform.”(Robert Venturi Denise Scot Brown Steven Izenour, Learning from Las Vegas, 52) This quote reflects upon something very unique to Second Life, advertising. Both Warcraft and Second Life are sources of income for their creators, but Warcraft is a game maintained by a team of programmers paid by a huge corporation, a game that to play you must pay for. Second Life is free to play, but the games creators do very little to add to second life, they’ve provided the space, it’s up to players to turn it into something fun. To do this a player must buy a section of land in the Second Life world, and can then create a city or what ever they like, but this costs
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Second Life V. Warcraft - Will Millar Video Game Narratives...

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