Chapter 1 - American Political Culture - Chapter 1 American...

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1 Chapter 1 American Political Culture I. Introductory Definitions and Concepts A. Politics: i. Who Gets What, When and How. ii. How society resolves conflict. B. Differences between History and Political Science C. Institutions. D. Policy E. Power : The ability to control who gets what, when and how.(to control policy) II. What Governments do: A. Provide Security B. Legal Use of Lethal Force. C. Provide Public Goods. Goods and services that cannot be readily provided by the private sector or market, either because they are too expensive for a single individual to buy or if a single person bought them everyone else would share with out paying (free rider dilemma) e.g. clean air and water, public defense, public education, public roads D. Make Public Policy E. Resolve Disputes F. Maintain Stability III. Democracy and its Alternatives A. Definition of Democracy: People Rule Different types of Democracy. Parliamentary, Checks and Balances B. Oligarchy C. Communism D. Autocracy E. Socialism F. History of Democracy 1. Greeks and Participaion 2. Hobbs, Leviathan, and Social Contract. 3. J.S. Mill- Educational Benefits of Democracy 4. John Locke 5. J.J. Rosseau and Kant 6. American Democracy i. Representative Democracy or republic ii. Not a true democracy- Mob Rule iii. De Tocqueville 7. Democracy as a Bad Word i, French revolution ii. Demagogues IV. American Political Culture
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A. Definition: Core Values and Beliefs about Government and politics
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Chapter 1 - American Political Culture - Chapter 1 American...

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