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1LAURA SEWELL CE 2103 HOMEWORK 1 In order to become a registered surveyor in Texas you must have education and experience. Requirements to become a registered surveyor in the state of Texas are mostly by the Texas Board of Land Surveying. An unlicensed person is not allowed to “engage or continue in the practice of professional land surveying unless the person takes, and successfully passes, the required sections of the written examination approved by the Board.” The main office is located in Austin, Texas. However, there are satellite offices throughout the state of Texas. Of course there are a number of papers to be filled out, but most importantly, in order to become a registered surveyor, you must take a standardized test. The main reason for this is so that the state of Texas knows that whomever will be doing the surveying, will do it in a timely and economical way. There are two phases of testing and education. First, the “candidate” must meet the requirements set forth in the Professional Land Surveying Practices Act and Board
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