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debunking Kevin Smith - Throughout the history of movies...

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Throughout the history of movies, famous actors and directors have developed a fan base among their viewers, because the fans like the roles they commonly play, the stories they create, or simply because they find them attractive. With so many people interested or in some cases, dedicated, to these stars’ lives, the stars take special care to control how they are viewed through the eyes of the media, and in turn, the eyes of their fans. Stars appear on talk shows often to promote upcoming movies or projects, or make other public appearances and are sure to act a certain way pending on how they’ve come to be known. On the other hand, stars are careful not to be seen in their real lives, in some cases this is strictly because living in eye’s of the public can become tiring, and people need privacy some time, but sometimes this is also because the personality they’ve built themselves up to be, and whom their fans have fallen in love with, are not who they truly are.
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  • Summer '08
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  • Film and video terminology, Kevin Smith, fan base, low budget film, average production budget, independent film maker

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