history exam 1 study guide

history exam 1 study guide - Catal Hayak- one of the first...

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Catal Hayak- one of the first areas to develop ariculture Neolithic Revolution- The switch from hunter-gatherer to agriculture Semitic and Indo-European languages- Semitic languages similar to Arabic and Hebrew. Indo has common roots in Europe sw asia, etc. center at ukraine Mesototamian Political Development: ununited city states governed by god/kings, military elite Sumerian City States, - small states that existed in Mesopotamia before an empire was created Empire of Sargon of Akkad, - akkad city near Babylon, saron, emperor who built the foundations of the Babylonian/Sumerian empire Hummurabi and the "Old Babylonians,"- Amorite king in control of Babylon, came up with code of laws, class system Assyrians,- conquered and controlled meso through force, relocated conquered, expert administrators Chaldeans ("New Babylonians")- captured meso, build babylon Sumerian Achievements – written language, cuneiform, mathematics, class system, economy, laws cuneiform- Sumerian writing system using wedge shaped characters ziggurat- pyramid type structures found in early Mesopotamian cities Sargon- conquered and united Mesopotamia, first empire, established trade Hammurabi Law Code- set of codes hoping for overall good, many still used today, class system lex talionis- eye for an eye, mentality used in hammurabi code Nebuchadnezzer- chaldean ruler who built babylon Epic of Gilgamesh- heroic saga/epic, search for meaning, after life etc Hebrew history: division and conquest (Israel and Judah)- tribes of Israel civil war, empire divided
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history exam 1 study guide - Catal Hayak- one of the first...

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