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assignment 3 - Lab Time Monday 10:00 AM BUAD 304 TA Zheying...

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Lab Time: Monday 10:00 AM BUAD 304 TA: Zheying Wu Professor Cummings March 20, 2006 Assignment #3 Chapter 14 #3 Ethical Dilemma 3. I have never been involved in a conflict that was considered dysfunctional. The book described a dysfunctional conflict as one in which the group members do not get along: lack of cohesiveness, halt in communication, and dissolving of common ties within the group. This can all lead to the destruction of the group. An example given in the book was the law firm Shea & Gould; this law firm closed due to personality conflicts. The company was not in economic trouble. It closed because all of the eighty partners in the firm hated each other. An example that I can use does not involve me, however. Second semester of senior year in high school during my math class, we were all assigned group members to come up with a game that involved all the formulas and theorems we had learned for the entire year. My group did well and we got the work done and got a great grade; however, another group had a few slackers. The girls didn’t so much not get along per se, three of the five members did not do the work. In a nutshell, the two girls went to the teacher to complain; being over-emotional, the three girls took the complaint very personally and decided to leave the group and form their own. In the end, the two girls that were originally doing the work had to work as partners instead of in a group of five and the three girls that didn’t do the work formed their own and started their own project from scratch. I think this is a form of a dysfunctional group because the group broke apart. I’m sure that there were some personality conflicts during the time the entire group was together and when the day of the presentations came, you could feel the tension
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assignment 3 - Lab Time Monday 10:00 AM BUAD 304 TA Zheying...

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