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BIOZ 152 Presentations Spring 2008 100 Points Assignment Overview : Through this course you have been introduced to a variety of organisms belonging to the kingdoms Protista and Animalia. Being able to communicate arguments to diverse audiences is a major part of science for it enables us to continually add to a growing body of knowledge. Your final assignment this semester will be the completion of an individual oral presentation ( 6-7minutes in length ) in which you convey the economical, ecological, medicinal or ethical significance of a specific species . The topic is rather open; your goal is to tell a good story and communicate the organism’s importance to your class mates. Presentations will be on the last week of classes . BE CREATIVE! Guidelines : A. 6-7 minutes in length B. Discuss organism’s basic taxonomy (what kingdom, phylum, class and order does your organisms belong to?). Discuss the general chacteristics of the organism’s order. C. Remember, though, your goal is to convey the organisms significance/importance. This should be the focus of your talk (taxonomy can be thought of as background material). Let the area of significance you are going to focus on guide the bulk of the information you present. If you are discussing a keystone
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PresentationAssignment - BIOZ 152 Presentations Spring 2008...

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