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BIOZ 152 Lab Research Paper- Experimental Investigation of Animal Behavior Overview During our second lab meeting, we will be conducting an experiment to investigate the toxicity effects of alcohol on the development of brine shrimp. Specifically, we will be examining how varying levels of alcohol impact hatching and survivability rates of brine shrimp using a controlled experiment. You will be required to communicate the concepts, methods and results of this experiment by integrating these factors into a well-written scientific report. Like all forms of writing, scientific literature is written using specific conventions. Thus, it is your goal to begin understanding the nature of scientific literature through the completion of this assignment. As scientists, we can only expand our body of knowledge by developing the skills needed to effectively communicate our ideas and findings to other members of the scientific community. Due Dates All assignments are due at the beginning of lab on the date listed. *February 14th, 2008 (1)Rough Draft of the Introduction, methods and results (40pts) You will be required to submit a rough draft of the introduction as specified in the rubric. I will review this draft and provide you with feedback assessing whether or not you’re on the right track. In addition, you will turn in a summary of the methods used during this experiment and the figures as specified below under “Results”. This requirement will benefit you; the harder you work at this the easier it is for me to help fix areas of concern and therefore you will be likely to gain more points on the final draft! Remember, you need at least three sources from a peer-reviewed journal for this portion of the paper, and I would like to see that you have found at least two by this date. *February 28
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Paper_Guidelines - BIOZ 152 Lab Research Paper-...

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