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Criteria Sheet_ScientificPaper

Criteria Sheet_ScientificPaper - Criteria Sheet-Paper...

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Criteria Sheet -Paper Heading: 1pt Title__ Author(s) __ Date__ -Abstract: 12 total pts 1.) Format: 2pts a. Appropriate Length: 1 paragraph __(1pt) b. labeled and follows title __(1pt) 2.) Content: 10pts a. Mention Scope of Study __(2pts) b. summarize experimental design __(2pts) c. present hypotheses/questions __(2pts) d. summarize results __(2pts) e. conclude how results address hypothesis__(2pts) -Introduction: 20 total points 1.) Formatting: 1pt -Labeled and follows abstract ___(1pt) 2.) Background Material: 12pts a. description and discussion of the model organism ___ (4pts) b. discuss the concepts of development and toxicity ___ (4pts) c. discuss “gaps” in literature ___ (3pts) d. length (1-1.5 pages) ___ (1pts) 3.) Study Objectives: 7pts a. present and discuss hypothesis ___(4pts) b. relate the hypothesis back to background material ___(3pts) -Methods: 15 total points 1.) Formatting: 3pts a. Length: 3/4-1.0 page ___(1pt) b. follows intro and labeled ___(1pt) c. written in past tense ___(1pt) 2.) Content: 12pts a. Discuss care of organism ___(4pts) b. Describe experimental design___(4pts) c. Provide details narrative of procedure, so others could use your methods section to repeat your experiment ___ (4pts)
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