Paper#2 - Chapters five through eight of Extraordinary...

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Chapters five through eight of Extraordinary Groups describe the origins and complex characteristics of The Father Divine Movement, The Mormons, The Jehovah’s Witnesses, and The Scientologists. Each group sets itself apart in distinct ways, creating mysterious and scrutinized factions of society. All of these factions are seen as strange groups that are not to be taken seriously, or that should not be recognized as legitimate faiths in mainstream society. Whether what these religions preach is the truth, or if they are falsified religious sects, each group manages to successfully convert people and impact society significantly. The Father Divine Movement today is still one of the most curious faiths to come about in the twentieth century. Major Jealous Divine, better known as Father Divine, started a movement in New York City that gave the African Americans at the time an inspirational leader who could promise a better life. In the Father Divine Movement, sacrifices were taken on by the followers in order to live amongst fellow believers in one of the many “kingdoms” owned by the movement. When going to go live and work for the movement, sacrifices (especially involving the family) had to be made in order to follow Father Divine’s rules. The true supporters of the movement did not believe in family or marriage, and would undertake the practice of celibacy as law. These basic principles were a must when moving into a kingdom. Once a family moved in they would have to separate, and if there were children, they had to be raised separately. This seems callous, but it was advocated by the follower’s belief that they were all children of Father Divine and his wife Mother Divine. This relationship with “God” was seen as a more satisfying occurrence than that of a normal family. Father Divine had also created an “International Modest Code” that laid out the basic behavioral rules expected to be adhered to almost naturally. The most
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important aspect of this code was the section stating “no undue mixes of the sexes”, emphasizing the importance of abstinence, purity, and an overall separation of the sexes. While the followers of Father Divine sacrificed much, the rewards given to them were greater than anything this community of people could have received at the time. While getting to be around and serve their God everyday, woe-free living, and a
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Paper#2 - Chapters five through eight of Extraordinary...

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