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It’s All in Your Head: The Descent into Hypochondria Several thousand years ago, Greek essayist Plutarch said “Asleep or awake he is haunted alike by the specters of his anxiety. Awake, he makes no use of his reason; and asleep, he enjoys no respite from his alarms….Nowhere can he find an escape from his imaginary terrors”. Plutrach’s quote vividly describes what later would come to be known as hypochondriasis, or simply hypochondria. Affecting about one to five percent of the population in the United States, hypochondria is illustrated by a chronic fears (the cause of which is unknown) of minor bodily problems as symptoms indicating severe illness, consequently presenting a potentially life long challenge of prevailing over these fears for the patient. Complications such as inhibited daily functions and unhealthy coping methods affect those who suffer from hypochondria. However, treatments such as psychotherapies and antidepressant medications are helping in the fight against this disorder. Hypochondria can be generally defined as a serious mental disorder concerning anxiety or obsession with mental or physical health and disease, disrupting normal living. Refusing to believe diagnoses of good health, many sufferers turn to several different doctors and undergo needless tests and procedures. Embedded deeply in many sufferers’ minds, the notion of having a mental disorder can be denied, often causing a refusal to request help. Hypochondria is an old and especially common form of depression and anxiety. Psychologists and researchers alike have gone back and forth on the classification
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PSYCH paper - Hypochondria 2 It's All in Your Head: The...

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