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American Government Exam 2 - Examination #2 essay...

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Examination #2 essay questions: 1. During lectures, we have discussed two pillars that support large-scale immigration to the United States in both the 19 th century and today. Drawing from both the lectures and the Daniels book, what are these two pillars and how they have underpinned mass immigration in both the past and present? Political Pillars: Xenophobia: Chinese Exclusion Act, Chinese laborers, skilled or unskilled, were not permitted to enter the country. Chinese laborers who were already in the country could leave and return if they had a certificate. Americans were extremely Anti-Chinese and refused to give them full rights. They could not become naturalized citizens until 1952. They were victims of violence and harshly discriminated against. Other immigrants that were victims of this Xenophobia were immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe. Their quotas were lower than those from Western Europe and they were not able to become citizens. Nativist sentiment: opposition to an internal minority on the grounds of its foreign, un- american, connections. These people opposed immigration simply because it was diluting what it meant to be American. Labor Unions feared the cheap labor that immigrants provided and were against further immigration. Immigrants are voters, politicians do not want to alienate them with new legislation. Economic: the technological change in terms of railroad and irrigation that changed in fundamental ways the economy of the southwest. Immigration was encouraged because of a need for labor. Immigrants would work for less money than white men. The bracero program was a program that was mutually economically beneficial to the people who needed labor and the Mexicans. Mexicans came to work during the harvesting season and
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American Government Exam 2 - Examination #2 essay...

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