Paper#2 - Rudy Moures Geography 120 March 31, 2008 Southern...

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Rudy Moures Geography 120 March 31, 2008 Southern Africa’s Struggles: Focusing on Zimbabwe All of the countries making up southern Africa have gone through many changes throughout recent history. They have gone through many struggles of being controlled as colonies of other countries, controlled by ruthless dictators, and have had corruption throughout their government. Some of the countries had to resort to violence for their independence while others were simply let go. The struggles for their own proper forms of government have been very hard, and some still struggle today to be properly represented. As a result of the countries being run by undeserving and unqualified leaders many have been devastated by poverty. The main landlocked countries in Africa had it even tougher on their economy. This group of countries in the “Global South,” undergo constant struggle with what they call they’re everyday societal challenges. However, perhaps being the most affected country in southern Africa, Zimbabwe stand at the pits of utter devastation. Problems with prosperity, lack of governmental control, and AIDS, continue to challenge this growing country, a country full of potential. The lack of wealth in southern Africa is also leading to many other serious problems. Without any money they can not afford to properly educate their people with good public schools. Without proper educations it makes it extremely hard for them to progress, becoming an endless cycle of poverty. To break from this cycle there needs to be a good form of government to pull them out. The lack of money and lack of education have amplified the devastation that the AIDS epidemic has been
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causing. When the people are not properly educated they do not know how to avoid the spread of AIDS. The people also do not have the money to afford all the necessary precautions to avoid the spreading of AIDS. Once the people of the
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Paper#2 - Rudy Moures Geography 120 March 31, 2008 Southern...

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