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Rudy Moures Geog 120 4/25/08 Globalization in my Own Surroundings: Bethesda Globalization is inevitable. One of the most basic drives of the human being is to understand. To understand our surroundings, we seek to further our familiarity with our surroundings and more so, with those persons around us. With technology at a seemingly infinite growth, the knowledge of those around us has led to the growth and adaptation to many different ideas. These ideas or concepts influence not just our everyday culture, but our society and even our economy. Even the smallest suburbs, such as Bethesda, Maryland, feel the positive and negative effects of the unavoidable era of globalization. The economy in the United States has seen much constructive gain from globalization. One of the most prosperous ideas in the economic sector has been the outsourcing of both product production and customer service. In Bethesda, several big chain companies who outsource their production offer lower then everyday prices. Wal-Mart has become this era’s national common’s, by offering everyday necessities at lower then everyday prices. The key to this lower than average pricing is the outsourcing of production. Today, many of Wal-Mart’s textile production factories reside outside the continental United States. This outsourcing means lower production costs and lower wages for factory employees in countries such as China and Taiwan. The lower manufacturing costs and slim importing taxes lead to the overall lower prices for the common American, in places such as Bethesda. The problem with the outsourcing which has occurred due to globalization has been the loss in American jobs. While Wal-Mart hires
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more employees overseas the common American worker loses his opportunity for a usual, but livable, factory job and wage. Although globalization has lead to the lower costs the ordinary American has so quickly become accustom to, it has also denied many a sustainable job once readily available. The cultural impact of globalization has been immeasurable.
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Globalization - Rudy Moures Geog 120 Globalization in my...

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