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anthropology notes.

anthropology notes. - Creates a middle class out of white...

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Global Consumer Culture 1.) Consumer Wants to buy much as possible for as little as possible. 2.) Laborer Wants to earn as much as possible 3.) Capitalist Wants to pay as little as possible for labor, but enough so labourer buys consumer goods. Exchange connections Simple exchange or barter C-C or C-M-C C=Commodity Merchantile Exchange M-C-M Capitalists connections Capitalism M-C-P-C-M P=Production Or M-C-mp/lp-c-m LP=labor production MP=Mode production Maximize profit The missing element M-C-mp/lp-C-???-M M_C-mp/lp-C-A-M A=Advertisement 1880-1930: the critical half-century 1899-1905: food production increases 40% 1890-1900-production of ready made clothing and costume jewlery doubles. 1890-1914-glassware and lamp production from 84,000 tons to 250,563 tons 1890:32,000 pianos sold 1904:374,000 pianos sold 1914: sale of toiletries: $84,000; 1926: Sale of toiletries 522,000 2% of population controls 60% of wealth Industrialization
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Unformatted text preview: Creates a middle class out of white collar workers. like clerks and sales and office personnel The democratic ideal of individual mobility was at odds with masses in slums and the manifest in equality of the individual with the corporation. Families-Crowded into boarding houses and tenements -Private Family life became increasingly difficult-Fathers spend surplus income escaping their drudge jobs by drinking in public saloons.-Women and children left with few resources. As the frontier closes 1876: Custer at big little horn Fight at OK Corral, 1881, tombstone, Arizona. 1890 census The rise of Advertising According to one history, the percentage of newspaper revenue coming from Advertising, as compared to circulation income, rose from half in 1880 to 64 percent by 1910. Luxuries into necessities pt.1 The meaning of goods and how they get displayed....
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anthropology notes. - Creates a middle class out of white...

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