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Exam 1 Essay Outline - European Economy How did the...

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European Economy How did the European economy change between 1500 and 1776? Discovery of the Americas in 1492 planted the seeds for the atlantic economy. Increase in food production led to a population of explosion starting in the late 16 th century. Population explosion fueled the growth of cities, a new class of merchants, craftsmen, and artisans appeared Increase in a middle class + imports of luxury goods from the colonies led to an increase in consumption. Shift from mercantilism to freer markets Consider shifts in domestic production Mid 18 th Century - Enclosure – wealthy landowners consolidated land and fenced it in. Made farming much more efficient and led to increased crop yields which supported a growing population. and international trade Atlantic Economy -> Triangular Trade Route: Americas exported goods (sugar,tobacco,cotton,etc) to Europe, which exported manufactured goods to Africa, which exported slaves to the Americas. Along with mercantilism, countries tried to act to increase exports and decrease imports. changes in consumption patterns Rise in consumerism and consumption-fueled economy \ Change in diets as food was brought back from the new world (potatoes, tomatoes) Increased imports from plantations in the colonies in the late 17 th /early 18 th century led to an increase in middle class consumption of luxury goods (Coffee, Tea, Tobacco, Sugar) and their social consequences Emergence of fashion in the 18 th century Rising social standards in the middle class, along with a growth in urban prosperity
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Exam 1 Essay Outline - European Economy How did the...

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