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MIME 2300 Test 1 Name _______________________ Section ______ June 13, 2007 In all the problems show all equations used with variables and then with values substituted so partial credit can be given wherever possible. Give units on all answer. On problems where appropriate, draw coordinate systems, datums, FBDs, K.Ds or velocity diagrams. 1. When it is unclear whether a single particle is sliding or not and all the forces and coefficients of friction are known, verbally list the steps to determine the acceleration of the particle. Short phrases are recommended. (14 points) a) CS, FBD & KD b) Assume know sliding c) Write equation of motion with f as unknown. d) Solve for f e) If f < μ s N no sliding occurs. f) If f > μ s N sliding occurs, g) f = μ k N h) solve for a Page 1 of 4 1 __________/14 2 __________/29 3 __________/25 4 __________/32 Total ______/100 +2 each
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2. If the end of the rope A is being pulled with a speed of 10 m/s at the point when y is 2 m, what is the velocity of the weight B F. (29 points) Solution: Coordinate systems and datum 2 D E E 1 D 2 2 A L s s s L s 2 4 s = - + = + + ( 29 0 s s 2 0 s 2 s s 2 4 s 2 1 D E D A A 2
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