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MIME 2300 Test 3 Sample Name _______________________ Original Section (1 or 91) _____ In all the problems show all equations used with variables and then with values substituted so partial credit can be given wherever possible. Give units on all answers and write only in the space provided. On problems where appropriate, draw coordinate systems, datums, and FBDs. 1 a) Give two examples of non-conservative forces for energy analysis (6 points) Friction and any externally applied force besides elastic forces or gravity. 1. b) The disk shown is rolling on the ground. What is the velocity of point A on the disk shown in the figure below. (5 points) V A =0 1 c) Discuss I in the two equations I My = σ and α = I T . (5 points) In the first equation I is area moment of inertia and in the second it is the mass moment of inertia. 1 d) Define eccentric impact. (5 points) Impact of a rigid body where the line of impact does not pass through the center of mass or the impact results in a change in the angular motion of the body. 1 e) Of the basic methods that were studied for solving kinetic problems, what is the method that is not a vector method? (5 points) Work and Energy or Conservation of Energy Page 1 of 6 1___________/26 2 __________/20 3 __________/20 4 __________/20 5 __________/20 6 __________/20 Total ________/126 r=1 ft ϖ =4 rad/s α =12 rad/s 2 A
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2. The 2 kg bar is released from rest in the horizontal position, θ = 90º. The stiffness of the spring is 20 N/m and its unstretched length is 600 mm. A couple, M A,
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t3_sample_answers - 1/26 MIME 2300 Test 3 Sample Name...

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