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assignment 4 - TA Session: Monday, 10:00AM TA: Zheying Wu...

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TA Session: Monday, 10:00AM TA: Zheying Wu BUAD 304 March 22, 2006 Assignment #4 Chapter 15 Critical Thinking #3, 5 3. The matrix structure is a structure that creates dual lines of authority and combines functional and product departmentalization. It is often used in advertising agencies, aerospace firms, construction companies and hospitals. Some advantages of a matrix can be divided into functional and product departmentalization. The advantage of functional departmentalization is that it minimizes the number of specialists necessary while allowing the pooling and sharing of specialized resources across products. A disadvantage is the difficult of coordinating the tasks of diverse functional specialists so that their activities are completely on time or within budget. Product differentiation facilitates coordination among specialties to achieve on-time completion and meet budget targets; it provides a clear responsibility for all activities related to a product, but with duplication of activities and costs. The matrix attempts to accent the advantages and minimize the disadvantages. The strength of the matrix lies in its ability to facilitate coordination when the organization has a multiplicity of complex and interdependent activities. The direct and frequent contact between different specialties in the matrix can make for better communication and more flexibility. Information permeates the organization and more quickly reaches the people who need it. The matrix also minimizes “bureaupathologies.” These dual lines of authority reduce the tendencies of departmental members to become so busy protecting their “own little worlds” that the goals of the entire organization become secondary. Another advantage of a matrix is that it facilitates the efficient allocation of specialists. When individuals are lodged in one functional department, their talents are monopolized and underused. A disadvantage of a matrix is that it creates confusion, power struggles, and stress.
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assignment 4 - TA Session: Monday, 10:00AM TA: Zheying Wu...

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