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Mullen 1 Kelsey L. Mullen English 112 Paper 3 April 3, 2008 The Reality of Love The world is filled with many misconceptions regarding marriage: the idea that living together and coincidently having a sexual relationship with a person before marriage will strengthen the union, the belief that divorce is perfectly acceptable, and that remarrying someone half your age is the ‘smart’ thing to do. But one of the biggest misconstrued ideas is that of personal ads. All that online dating sites represent is an easier way to place a personal description of exactly what you are looking for in a lover. The earliest of these sites was created in 1995 but personal advertisements have been taking place since the 1500s. This is avidly shown in Robert Browning’s My Last Duchess . In My Last Duchess, a solitary man stares at a portrait of his previous wife and describes everything that she did wrong in their relationship that caused him to force her smiles to come to an end. This inference of murder is easily overlooked when the reader discovers the comparison to My Last Duchess and a personal
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Mullen 2 advertisement. Most personal ads include likes, dislikes, and interests; so too does My Last Duchess . In Litzinger and Knickerbocker’s The Browning Critics, they state that the “Duke’s little chat with the emissary of the Count in My Last Duchess constitutes a clever man’s instructions as to the sort of behavior he expects of his next wife,” (329.) The man in the poem states that in the future he is looking for a woman who will be an improvement over his previous loves. It is a very interesting poem because it makes true love seem like folly and the stuff of fairy tales. The reason this creates such an enthralling argument is because the author was
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research argument - Mullen 1 Kelsey L Mullen English 112...

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