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Final paper 1 - Mullen 1 Kelsey L Mullen English 111-004...

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Mullen 1 Kelsey L. Mullen English 111-004 Paper 1 December 11, 2007 A Deception Called Loyalty Loyalty is not the absence of hatred or deception, but rather the compulsion to believe in a person. Any man or woman can be loyal and at the same time filled with hate. The Odyssey is a great example of this. In The Odyssey , there are many books crammed with adulterous love, limb-ripping violence, eye-boggling, or in this case eye-sizzling, pain, and many other scenes of treachery and triumph. It is overflowing with tales of heroism following the actions of a much loved and sought-after man; the story of Odysseus and his struggle to return home after war. He is loved and has made love with gods and they aid him on his tumultuous journey home, but the gods are not showing loyalty to Odysseus. Rather they are sharing that they love him; loyalty and love are not nearly the same. There is truly only one man in this epic that shows true loyalty and that is the servant Eumaios. Eumaios is literally bursting at the seams to spill forth with the glory of Odysseus. He is a common servant and yet praises Odysseus as the kindest, most-gentle, and
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Mullen 2 generous master anyone could ever wish for. It is not surprising that a servant, or slave in this time period, would praise their master to his face. However, Eumaios believes that he is speaking with a stranger because Odysseus is disguised. Even if Eumaios had suspected
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Final paper 1 - Mullen 1 Kelsey L Mullen English 111-004...

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