April 30 Music Notes

April 30 Music Notes - that are the highest from the body...

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Wednesday, April 30 th  Lecture African Continent II Mbira Used to “possess” people, in which about how to live their life was given Chunting Refers to quality of the tone/timbre 3 distinct patterns usually played by 2 people Buzzing pattern created by jingles TA Charlie played a 2 against 3 pattern- 2 beats w/ right hand, 3 beats with left (to play  the mbira) Griot (French term) Jali (Mande term) Jalolu (plural Jali) Jaliya- What the Jalolu do; the art form They are storytellers, praise singers (singing the royal praises of wealthy patrons),  served as advisors to kings and other royal advisors Alex Haley (author of roots) says this is how he learned of his ancestor Kunta  Kinte Instruments Used: Kora Balo (balofon) Hgoni Ardin- use index finger and thumb to pluck; notes opposite of Am. Music- the highest  pitched are high notes in Am. Music, whereas the high notes on the Ardin consist of the strings 
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Unformatted text preview: that are the highest from the body of the instrument Griotte- female griot; supporting role because only men play the kora Lambango- Played in class Main context for music now is to preserve the tradition from the threat of western colonialism (played in theater performances, etc. – Question from week 5 HW) Drums Klobato Kaganu Todozi Axatse (has a rattle inside in addition to the beating drum) Gankogui- Not the leading percussion; but used as a reference for the main rhythm which is a guide for the other performers Call & Response style- Someone says/sings a phrase as a solo and then a group responds back (either with the same phrase or some other response)....
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April 30 Music Notes - that are the highest from the body...

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